The Day We Found the Universe By Marcia Bartusiak

The Day We Found the Universe

By Marcia Bartusiak

  • Release Date: 2009-04-07
  • Genre: Astronomy
Score: 5
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The riveting and mesmerizing story behind a watershed period in human history, the discovery of the startling size and true nature of our universe.
On New Years Day in 1925, a young Edwin Hubble released his finding that our Universe was far bigger, eventually measured as a thousand trillion times larger than previously believed. Hubble’s proclamation sent shock waves through the scientific community. Six years later, in a series of meetings at Mount Wilson Observatory, Hubble and others convinced Albert Einstein that the Universe was not static but in fact expanding. Here Marcia Bartusiak reveals the key players, battles of will, clever insights, incredible technology, ground-breaking research, and wrong turns made by the early investigators of the heavens as they raced to uncover what many consider one of most significant discoveries in scientific history.


  • The Day We Found the Universe

    By helpwanted (CN)
    This is a GREAT book! In the Preface alone, you feel like you are there in Wash DC, in 1925! Highly reccomend this book for anyone interested in the history of astronomy in America.